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Detailing Service

At Applewood Nissan Surrey, we know that a freshly detailed vehicle is a beautiful thing! That’s why our team of experienced technicians take great care in detailing and cleaning your vehicle. From simple exterior washes to more complete detailing packages, we have everything you want at Applewood Nissan Surrey, as well as great deals that save you money everyday!

High-Quality Detailing Services in Surrey

At Applewood Nissan Surrey, we will make sure your vehicle is as beautiful today as it was the first day you bought it! We only use high-quality products every time we detail your vehicle. In addition, we’re equipped to get those pesky dents and scratches out. Do you want to restore that “like new” shine to your vehicle? Come to Applewood Nissan Surrey today!

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Option A

Detail Package

Car: $94.95
Truck/SUV/Van: $114.95

With Option A you get a quality clean that will put your car a clear cut above the rest. From top to bottom we vacuum, blow out, and wipe down every inch of the inside and outside of your vehicle. If you want to feel like your vehicle is brand new again bring it in for Option A!

  • An Exterior Wash/ Chamois Dry
  • Top to Bottom Interior Vacuuming
  • Blown Out Dash Vents and Interior Creases
  • Clean Interior Vinyl of Leather
  • Wipe Door Jams
  • Clean Windows
  • Clean Wheels and Dress Tires

Option B

Detail Package

Car: $339.95
Truck/SUV/Van: $369.95

With Option B you get everything that you would get in Option A, but we also add in a deep clean. This means your vehicle gets an interior shampooing, leather conditioning, engine detailing and a whole lot more. This is the option for the driver who doesn’t just want their vehicle to look clean, but feel clean!

Complete Option A Package plus:

  • Interior Shampoo
  • Leather Conditioning (if equipped)
  • Interior Air and Hand Brush
  • Engine Detail
  • Paint Finish Protection Polish
  • Microfiber Polish Windows
  • Degrease Door Jams

* There is an additional $50.00 charge for pet hair removal or any extra cleaning required.

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